Vertical Downstroke Baler

Designed For: * Supermarkets * Retail Chains * Hospitals * Hotels * Malls *

This small but powerful machine has been specifically engineered for applications with limited space or budget. The 460 Series has all of the important safety features that make us the leader in the vertical baler industry.


Dimensional Data

Overall (Width x Depth x Height)56 1/4" x 29 1/2" x 95 3/4" [143 x 75 x 243 cm]
Feed Height32 3/4" [83 cm]
Baler Chamber (Depth x Height)24" x 30" [61 x 76 cm]

Bale Size

Bale Weight350 - 500 Lbs OCC [160 - 225 Kg]
Bale Width46" [117 cm]
Bale Depth24" [61 cm]
Bale Height30" [76 cm]

Pump, Electric shipping Weight Data

Pump3.2 GPM [12.1 L/m]
Control Voltage110 - 120 Vac
Electric208 / 230 / 460 - 3 Phase
Ship Weight1,950 Lbs [885 Kg]


Cylinder Bore 4" [10 cm]Cylinder Bore 4" [10 cm]
Cylinder Rod 2 1/2" [ 6 cm]Cylinder Rod 2 1/2" [ 6 cm]
Rod Stroke 32" [81 cm]Rod Stroke 32" [81 cm]
Motor 3 Hp [2.2 Kw]Motor 3 Hp [2.2 Kw]
Average Cycle Time 53 secAverage Cycle Time 53 sec

System Pressure

Working Pressure2,450 psi [16,900 KPa]
Relief Pressure2750 psi [19,00 KPa]

Platen Force

Working Force30,780 lbs [136,900 N]
Relief Force34,500 lbs [153,700 N]

Ram Pressure

Nor Ram Pressure28.2 psi [194 Kpa]
Max Ram Pressure31.6 psi [218 Kpa]

PTR Baler & Compactor offers the highest quality, most reliable Vertical Hydraulic Balers on the market today. Our baler models are versatile, durable and great for a variety of different markets. They are excellent for disposing of a high volume of cardboard and dry waste, thereby keeping floorspace clear. PTR's Vertical Balers enable your company to reach it's recycling and sustainability goals. We offer the most efficient and durable balers available. They are ideal for large hospitals, industrial facilities and distribution centers. Every baler safely and easily bales high volumes of discarded materials like cardboard, plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans and siding. After purchasing your Vertical Baler from PTR, we provide the most reliable, expert maintenance and repair service in the industry.