PTR: Helping Your Company Achieve It’s Sustainability Goals

  • PTR: Helping Your Company Achieve It’s Sustainability Goals

    Best Vertical Downstroke Balers, Sustainability Policy, Zero Waste Policy, Organic Waste


    If your company hasn’t implemented a zero waste or corporate sustainability policy yet, PTR Baler and Compactor can help. PTR’s products will allow your organization to meet and potentially exceed your sustainability goals. We offer a versatile line of products than can suit the needs of small or large companies and help you maximize recycling revenue. With our vertical balers and compactors, you’ll be able to divert cardboard, paper, plastics, shrink wrap and aluminum into recyclable commodities. Our mission as a company is to help businesses reduce waste and create a healthier internal and external environment, for today and for the future.

    The 3400HD Vertical Downstroke Baler is the perfect example of one of PTR’s Hydraulic Balers that will help your company maximize recycling revenue. It’s versatile, efficient and We’ve produced over 10,000 of these High Density Balers. In fact, the 3400HD was the very first HD baler on the market. It produces dense, heavy, 1,000- 1,300 lb. bales of corrugated material. This greatly reduces the cost of storage space, handling and transport of discarded materials.

    The 3400 HD is a great model for markets of moderate size, such as:
    • Supermarkets
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Malls
    • Large Retail Centers
    • Chain Stores
    • Drug Stores

    All of our Vertical Baler models are extremely efficient, cost effective methods of reducing waste disposal costs. Unsure of which model is right for your organization? Our experts are here to help you choose the equipment best suited for your needs. Click here to contact our sales department. More importantly, however, your company, employees and the entire community will experience the benefits of reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s an organization’s social responsibility to do all they can to contribute to a healthier world. To see what your recyclables mean for energy savings, click here.


    Does your company produce or serve food? If so, you’re most likely dealing with a growing food waste management issue. The Biogreen360 is a completely self-contained automated piece of equipment that is the solution to that issue. It utilizes brand new, revolutionary microwave technology, where food waste is essentially liquified. The unit can handle up to 1,500 lbs of food waste in 24 hours. The Biogreen360 liquefies and dries organic waste. The end product is a ribbon of material that is a mere 10% of it’s former weight. That’s an incredible 90% reduction. This 100% compostable material is then able to be converted into energy, heat and fertilizer. It won’t break down and generate methane gas. The BioGreen360 saves your organization critical time and money on transporting organic waste to landfills.

    Landfills in our country are filling up with millions of tons of food waste. This waste emits toxic methane gas, which damages the ozone layer of the atmosphere. It’s imperative for companies to do their part in reducing their overall waste and carbon footprint. The BioGreen360 is easy to install, operate and maintain. It’s able to be custom programmed to suit the individual needs of any organization. It’s quiet and safe for your employees to use, with safety status lights, alarms and interlocks. Like the rest of PTR’s line of waste management equipment, it’s made in America.

    Going green doesn’t have to be complicated. PTR Baler and Compactor is here to help! Ready to learn more? Contact us today.