Sustainability Solutions

  • Sustainability Solutions

    Focused on implementing a zero waste or corporate sustainability policy at your company?

    PTR’s balers, compactors, and additional waste equipment products help your organization meet and exceed it’s sustainability goals. We offer a versatile line of products than suit the needs of small or large companies and help you maximize recycling revenue. Our waste equipment allows you to divert cardboard, paper, plastics, shrink wrap and aluminum into recyclable commodities.

    Today more than ever, organizations must to be conscious of their landfill contributions and carbon footprint. Effective waste management is a critical step in implementing corporate sustainability practices. Less waste means fewer trucks hauling waste to landfills. Fewer trucks on the road then equates to less dangerous emissions polluting the air. It also results in serious savings for your business since you’ll be paying less transport fees, for example.

    PTR equipment is the most efficient, durable, and best quality that exists in the market today. Our balers and compactors minimize the overall amount of waste your company sends to landfill. The bales produced are also an extra revenue stream. Contact our experts to help you choose the model size or piece of equipment that is right for your organization. More importantly, however, your company, employees and the entire community will experience the benefits of reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s an organization’s social responsibility to do all they can to contribute to a healthier world. Did you know that recycling 6 aluminum cans equates to 1 hour of running an air conditioner? To see more of what your recyclables mean for energy savings, click here.

    If your business produces or serves food, you’re probably dealing with a growing food waste management issue. Landfills in our country are filling up with millions of tons of food waste. This waste emits toxic methane gas, which damages the ozone layer of the atmosphere. It’s imperative for companies to do their part in reducing their overall waste and carbon footprint. Our solution? The Biogreen360 is a completely self-contained automated piece of equipment that essentially liquifies and dries organic waste. The unit is capable of handling up to 1,500 lbs of food waste in 24 hours. The resulting product is a ribbon of material, just 10% of it’s former weight, and it’s 100% compostable. Instead of breaking down and generating methane gas, it will be converted into energy, heat and fertilizer. The BioGreen360 is easy to install, operate and maintain. It’s also safe for your employees to use, as it’s equipped with safety status lights, alarms and interlocks.

    PTR Rebuilt equipment is another great option for many companies. We’re able to recondition our equipment to extend it’s life. In terms of sustainability, the more durable and long-lasting your waste equipment, the better. Now, with the addition of our 50th anniversary option- the Quiet Pump Power Unit – our balers are quieter than ever before. How does this relate to sustainability? Since there will be less back room noise, you can utilize space in the same facility for customer areas, therefore reducing your overall footprint.

    Our mission as a company is to help businesses reduce waste and create a healthier internal and external environment. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.