Stationary Compactor

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When the TP-2000 Series was designed, we challenged our engineers to see how long the machines could hold up in the field. We are pleased to say those machines originally built in the early 70’s are still performing. All components are built using heavy-duty structural steel components and welded by AWS certified technicians. This unit has total U.L. approval, standard 3 button controls (On/Off key switch, mushroom stop, auto reverse) and a 13’ Sealtite.



Charge Box Capacity2 Cu-YD [1.5 Cu-m]
Clear Top Opening(L X W) 40" X 60" [102 cm x 152 cm]
Capacity Per Hour55 cy/hr

Performance Characteristics

Average Cycle Time65 sec
Total normal Force56,549 lbs [251,543 N]
Total Maximum Force65,031 lbs [289.272 N]
Normal Ram Pressure31 psi [183 Kpa]
Maximum Ram Pressure36 psi [210 Kpa]

Electricrical Equipment

Electric208 / 230 / 460 - 3 Phase
Control Voltage110 - 120 Vac

Hydraulic Equipment

Pump10.5 GPM [39.7 L/m]
Normal Pressure2,000 psi [13,790 KPa]
Maximum Pressure2,300 psi [1,5858 KPa]
Cylinder Bore6" [15.24 cm]
Cylinder Rod3 1/2" [8.9 cm]
Weight4,500 Lbs [2,041 Kg]