Stationary Compactor

Designed For: * Hospitals * Hotels * High-rises *

When the TP-33 Series was designed, we challenged our engineers to see how long the machines could hold up in the field. We are pleased to say: those machines originally built in the early 70’s are still performing. All components are built using heavy-duty structural steel components and welded by AWS certified technicians. This unit has total U.L. approval, standard 3 button controls (On/Off key switch, mushroom stop, auto reverse) and a 13’ Sealtite.

TP-33(2) copy 2


Charge Box Capacity.33 Cu-YD [.25 Cu-m]
Clear Top Opening (L X W)24" X 30" [61 cm x 76 cm]
Capacity Per Hour112 cy/hr

Performance Characteristics

Average Cycle Time32 sec
Total normal Force8,482 lbs [37,730 N]
Total Maximum Force10,603 lbs [47,164 N]
Normal Ram Pressure15.7 psi [108 Kpa]
Maximum Ram Pressure19.6 psi [135 Kpa]

Electricrical Equipment

Electric208 / 230 / 460 - 3 Phase
Control Voltage110 - 120 Vac

Hydraulic Equipment

Pump3.1 GPM [11.7 L/m]
Normal Pressure1,200 psi [8,274 KPa]
Maximum Pressure1,500 psi [10,342 KPa]
Cylinder Bore3" [7.6 cm]
Cylinder Rod2" [5.1 cm]
Weight3,000 Lbs [1,361 Kg]