Baler Benefits: Fiscal, Functional & Environmental

  • Baler Benefits: Fiscal, Functional & Environmental

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    A recycling baler will provide a plethora of benefits in three key areas of every business or organization: fiscal, functional and environmental.


    Recycling balers provide a significant financial benefit to your organization. Recycling balers turn what was once waste into valuable recycling commodities. Something that was once thrown away has become an additional revenue stream. The return will prove to be well worth the investment. You’ll find it won’t take too long for the reduction in shipping costs, decrease in trips to the landfill, and recycling rebate earnings to cover the cost of the baler.

    Even if your organization is working with a small budget, PTR can help you find the right baler for you. Our Rebuilt pre-owned certified balers are a great option for those who want to start a recycling program with limited funds.


    Safe, proper use of a high-quality, well-maintained PTR Recycling Baler can increase the overall productivity of your backroom operations significantly. A reliable piece of equipment that was built to last, like a PTR unit, will reduce downtime in several ways. First, you’ll streamline your waste and recycling operations. Your backroom environment will be cleaner, healthier and have more clear space, which reduces the chance of employee injury. And, with less hauling trips, you’ll save not only money, but valuable time, as well.

    All employees who operate the baler must be fully trained to use it safely. PTR can help you train your staff properly.


    Today, it’s critical for corporations and smaller businesses alike to be keenly focused on their environmental impact. Finding ways to act more responsibly towards the environment is now its own position in many companies. Recycling balers are a no-brainer when it comes to implementing sustainability policies.

    No matter the size of your organization, you create waste. How you handle this waste is what will make all the difference. A recycling baler helps you do this! First, you’ll create a commodity from what was waste. PTR balers, depending on the model, can recycle material like cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminum and more. Some larger units can even compress tires and appliances. With less garbage pickup and trips to the landfill, you’ll lower your carbon footprint.

    Contact PTR today to learn more! Our experienced representatives will work with you to find the baler that will best suit your needs and budget.