Baler Conveyor

  • Baler Conveyor

    Our baler conveyor is another piece of accessory equipment that is key to streamlining backroom operations, enhancing productivity and significantly improving workplace safety.


    Our conveyors are compatible with PTR baler models 2300HDX, 5000HD, and 7200HD. We are also able to work with an existing conveyor, as long as the dimensions line up.


    PTR’s Conveyor, like other PTR recycling and waste equipment, is built with ease of use in mind.

    You’re able to feed the baler from the rear of the machine or from either side into the hopper. When the baler chamber is full, a sensor light illuminates. At this point, you’ll know it’s time to run a baler cycle.

    There is another great option, where the operator is able to cycle the baler ram using a rear pendant. This way they won’t need to step away from the conveyor feed in order to walk over to the baler control panel on the machine while in use.

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    See the baler conveyor in action!