Baler Spotlight: The PTR 5000HD

  • Baler Spotlight: The PTR 5000HD

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    The Powerful PTR 5000HD Recycling Baler

    Over the last several months during the Coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores and other retailers have kicked operations into overdrive. Demand quickly skyrocketed, and stores and suppliers faced the challenge of keeping up with that rising demand. Meanwhile in the recycling industry, the health crisis has certainly caused a different kind of disruption. That’s why now more than ever, it’s critical for warehouses and recycling centers to be operating at optimal levels.

    baler, compactor, waste, recycling, recycle, sustainability, zero wasteThe PTR 5000HD is a true powerhouse baler. This rugged, high-density, heavy duty vertical baler is ideal for large, industrial warehouses and recycling centers, who require serious reliability and strength. It’s is capable of baling the following recyclable materials:

    • Cardboard
    • Newspaper & Office Paper
    • Magazines
    • Paper Cartons
    • Aluminium Cans
    • E-waste
    • Plastics
    • Textiles & Clothing
    • Foam & Rugs
    • Tires
    • White Goods (appliances)
    • Non-Ferrous Metals


    The 5000HD produces bale weights up to 1,400 Lbs, with an average cycle time of just 54 seconds. Speed and safety are two of our primary focuses when designing our balers. Both are needed in order to have the most efficient backroom operations, maximizing productivity and limiting downtime. Click here to download the full spec sheet.

    The Triple Safety Switch is a fantastic safety feature of our PTR recycling balers. It’s comprised of a foot pedal, door switch & concealed proximity switch, which ensures safe and proper access. This feature can not be bypassed. Check out this blog post to learn more about the Triple Safety Switch of other safety features of of the PTR PLC Control Panel. These features all work together to make PTR balers the safest on the market.

    If you’re looking to further streamline your facility operations, consider our Baler Conveyor. It’s compatible with the 5000HD, as well as the 2300HDX and 7200HD. To learn more about how our Baler Conveyor works and improves safety, click here.

    As with any of our balers, compactor, or accessory pieces of waste and recycling equipment, you’ll receive a best in class warranty and 24/7 service and support available throughout the country. The standard warranty includes a 1 year parts & labor full unit, 2 years major components parts only, and 3 years structural parts only.

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