Complete Customization

  • Complete Customization

    Both balers & compactors are available in a wide variety of colors!

    This month, we’re focusing on customization. At PTR, we believe that providing custom equipment, along with custom solutions, are what put us a cut above the competition. We’re constantly introducing innovative technology and engineering that will help revolutionize efficiency and productivity, as well as workplace safety. All of this is key is preventing unwanted downtime that eats into your company’s hard earned profit.


    A custom painted baler is a excellent way to keep your equipment consistent with your branding efforts. Choose from a wide range of colors, including several different red, blue and green options, as well as neutral tones. To view color options, click here.


    Baler features are also customizable to your organization’s unique needs and preferences. Some vertical baler optional add-ons include:

    • Biometric Locking Device BIOLOC 3000
    • Automatic Bale Sizer with Full Bale Light
    • Outdoor Controls
    • Automatic Ejection System
    • Wire Tie Guides

    Compactor additional features include:

    • PTR BioLoc for added security and Safety
    • Side and rear chutes available
    • Doghouse or total enclosure
    • Odor control Sonazaire®
    • One Plus® fullness monitoring system
    • Hydraulic tailgate


    Personalized service plans and maintenance programs are the best way to ensure the long-life and optimal performance of your baler or compactor. You’ll reduce the overall cost of ownership, prevented unnecessary downtime and increase safety. We can tailor your plan based on your needs and budget. 

    We proudly offer nationwide repair services and have a 99% rate of arrival on or before the scheduled time of arrival. PTR Dispatchers are available 24/7, so you can rest assured they’ll be there when you need them. We serve 17 out of 20 of the nations largest retailers and work with your existing online maintenance systems:

    • Service Channel
    • Verisae
    • FM Pilot

    Contact #PTR to learn how you can customize your baler or compactor from the outside in- from color, to additional features and personalized service programs. Click here to reach a sales representative or call 800-523-3654.