Facility Management with PTR Equipment

  • Facility Management with PTR Equipment

    If you’re looking for a turnkey solution for your recycling and waste management needs, PTR has it. We work with many facility and property management organizations nationwide, among other markets. For example, we offer solutions for facilities such as:

    • Apartments
    • Condos
    • Malls
    • Industrial facilities
    • Movie Theaters
    • Department Stores & More

    We have large manufacturing facilities, located in Philadelphia PA and Plant City, FL, as well as stocking programs, so we can deliver and install quickly and expertly. Our account representatives are trained to ensure you’re matched with equipment and service plans best suited for your needs. One way we do this is through analyzing and identifying your company’s waste stream composition.

    • Wet Waste: This includes organic materials like food and liquid waste. You won’t have to worry about fluid leakage, pests or unpleasant odors with a PTR Compactor.
    • Dry Waste: The PTR stationary compactor is perfect for facilities that deal with mostly dry waste. This would include home supply chains, clothing stores, store chains, and distribution centers, to name a few. Waste is compacted, the container is removed and emptied off-site, and then brought back to the location by a waste hauler.
    • Recyclable Waste: Our Vertical Balers are an excellent way to manage your recyclable materials and create a new revenue stream for your company. Cardboard, plastic bags, shrink wrap, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and much more (depending on model), can be diverted from the landfill. Our balers will help you meet sustainability goals and regulations. The new PTR Smart Baler features innovative technology that we know we revolutionize your current processes.

    16 out of 20 major retailers in the U.S. choose PTR products, and the reason is simple. PTR manufactures a superior product, backed by a comprehensive standard warranty, and continues to deliver excellent customer service long after the sale. All of our waste and recycling equipment is built to be the safest on the market, meeting all OSHA and NOISH recommendations. We also offer additional products such as Cart Dumpers and Baler Conveyors, to help keep your employees safe and productive.

    Learn more about how we can help your facility manage your waste and recycling streams here.