Facility Management with PTR

  • Facility Management with PTR

    Waste and recycling equipment is necessary for the vast majority of industries and types of businesses. Whether you manage a hotel, hospital, medical facility, restaurant, apartment complex, or retail establishment, you need waste and recycling equipment.

    How do you know which type of equipment is right for your business or organization? PTR Baler and Compactor Company can help you determine what you need. Our experts can identify your organization’s waste stream composition. From there, we can recommend the PTR machines that best meet your unique needs.

    Here’s a basic guide to determining which equipment you’ll need:

    Do you have predominately dry waste? If you do, you’ll most likely benefit most from a PTR Stationary Compactor. Typically, they are best for retail establishments such as home supply stores, clothing stores and department store chains, as well as distribution centers.

    HOW IT WORKS: The dry waste is compacted into the container. The full container is then removed from the compactor, which remains in its position. The container is emptied at a different location by a waste hauler, and then returned to your facility.

    Do you have mostly wet waste? Organizations such as malls, movie theaters, condo association, apartment complexes and restaurants deal with a significant amount of food and liquid waste. Organic materials are best suited for a PTR Self-contained Compactor. This type of compactor is carefully designed to prevent leakage, which is critical in order to prevent odors and pests. PTR Self-Contained compactors have a unique liquid seal.

    HOW IT WORKS: The entire unit is hauled away to be emptied at a landfill. Preventing leakage and odor control are so important because you want to ensure you’re able to fill the unit as much as possible in order to control waste hauling costs.

    Do you have a significant amount of recyclable waste? Those who find they have a great number of recyclable materials, including cardboard, plastic bags, shrink wrap, aluminum cans, paper and plastic bottles should consider a PTR Vertical Baler. Our balers are the best quality you’ll find, and they are manufactured right here in the U.S.A. We offer a variety of sizes to suit the needs of organizations large and small. With a baler, this waste can be a new profit stream for your business, since proper recycling bales are valuable commodities. You’ll see a return on your investment quickly, will keep floor space clear of debris, and help the environment with one simple machine.

    Contact us today to discuss your business and we can come up with a custom solution best for you.

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