Going Paperless – Part of the Green Mission with our Top 10 Tips

  • Going Paperless – Part of the Green Mission with our Top 10 Tips

    At PTR Baler & Compactor we are always focused on our “Green Mission” – going green and meeting our sustainability goals. We work with clients everyday to help them build recycling programs, utlizing our balers. While we’re always making moves on a big level – the little things make a difference too. That being said, we are proud to announce that all PTR offices will be going completely paperless by 2022.

    While this doesn’t work for all businesses, its certainly worth looking into for yours. Once you start, you may be surprised at just how much paper your office uses. Below are tips to get a program together.

    1. Go Digital. From invoices and internal forms to employee handbooks. Not only do you save paper, it makes it easier to stay organized and track things.

    2. Talk to your customers. Find out what ideas they may have. They have an outside perspective on your organization and may suggest something you haven’t thought out.

    3. You can go mostly paperless. There are some instances where you will still need paper. Thats ok. Just be sure to set up recycling bins around the office for this paper.

    4. Talk to your vendors and partners. Request that they send their invoices and such digitally. This may not fit with their protocals, but it can’t hurt to ask. And you may inspire them to go paperless as well.

    5. Digital Marketing. When possible, switch to digital methods to get the word out. An email blast saves a whole lot of paper versus a direct mail campaign. Another bonus – its usually more cost effective to go digital.

    6. Set up your payment processor to email the receipt instead of printing a paper receipt. Every little bit helps!

    7. Get tablets for use when taking notes in meetings, instead of using a pad. Another bonus – you can email yourself the notes and they’ll also be more legible.

    8. Use QR codes for both employee and customer use. These can be used in place of menus and signage for example.

    9. Use an digital signature service for sending documents that need to be signed. This is totally secure and is legally binding. (Check the specific service you use for details)

    10. Think twice. Before you print something out, stop and think if you really need to. If you must print, try to duplex it – you’ll use 50% less paper!

    Every business is different, so different ideas may apply. Take a look to see what you and your team can do to reduce paper use. Another bonus – you’ll spend less money on paper