Have A Happy, Sustainable Holiday

  • Have A Happy, Sustainable Holiday

    Even though this year is quite different than most, you can still make an effort to have a more sustainable holiday season. We put a guide together of some sustainable shopping and gift ideas to help inspire you!

    1. Virtual Workshops

    Online workshops and masterclasses are a growing trend right now. Classes are taught by experts in fields like cooking, negotiation, interior design, poker, gardening, acting, communication, filmmaking, and the list goes on.

    2. Gift Cards to Local Businesses

    We all know how important it is to support our small businesses right now. Consider getting friends and loved ones gift cards to their favorite local restaurants or shops that can be used during and after the pandemic. It’s not only a great gift to them, but to your community as well.

    3. Plants

    Plants in your home have been proven to help improve your overall mood, increase your attention span and even help improve air quality. Why not gift a friend with an easy to care for house plant? Spider plants and pathos are great plants, even for those without a green thumb.

    4. Shop Eco-friendly brands

    TenTree is one popular brand of apparel and accessories that is well-known for their sustainability efforts. For every purchase, they plant 10 trees. Another great brand is Patagonia, which uses recycled materials and has long fought for environmental ethics in the activewear fashion industry. A few other options: TenTree,

    5. Donations

    Is there a particular cause that you know means a lot to a friend or loved one? Consider making a donation in their name to a charitable organization. Here’s a comprehensive list of non-profits in the Philadelphia area.


    Happy sustainable shopping!