Keep Equipment Operating at Optimal Levels with PTR Preventative Maintenance

  • Keep Equipment Operating at Optimal Levels with PTR Preventative Maintenance

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    The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) highly recommends yearly maintenance checks on waste and recycling equipment. Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your baler or compactor, and therefore to the productivity of your waste management system and staff. PTR’s programs are a cost-effective measure for your organization. 

    Keep equipment functioning at prime efficiency and employees safe and productive with Preventative Maintenance. No matter what fleet size, your organization will benefit greatly from our Preventative Maintenance programs.

    After years of regular use, the oil quality in your baler or compactor will degrade. Parts will also begin to wear, thus creating a domino effect. From there, pressure capability and material weights decrease. That reduction in compactor weights result in additional pull fees for your company. Likewise, balers not working at optimal levels result in lower bale weights and an increase in labor costs. Productivity takes a down-turn, fees soar, and sanitation issues will likely arise. 

    PTR’s Preventative Maintenance Program technician will address the critical systems and structures of your unit. Here’s just a few of the areas they’ll cover during the visit:

    • Evaluate overall equipment condition.
    • Verify that all safety decals are in good condition.
    • Test and verify the operation of safety features.
    • Thoroughly inspect the cylinder welds and seals.
    • Grease all fittings.
    • Inspect all hoses and crimps.
    • Inspect all hose clamps and tighten as needed.
    • Inspect motor for signs of wear or end of life conditions.
    • Inspect pump for leaks or signs of failure.
    • Inspect oil level and general condition.
    • (Optional) Perform oil analysis by an independent laboratory.
    • Operate gauge and verify that there are no leaks and operational.
    • To see the complete list of items addressed, click here.

    Programs can also be customized to best suit your company’s needs. These are a few of the most popular add-on options:

    • Replacing up to 5 gallons of Hydraulic Fluid
    • Replacing Safety Stickers
    • Replace two main hydraulic hoses and fittings
    • Replace start/stop button
    • Replace key switch
    • Key Guard Installation

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