PTR Baler & Compactor Leads the Way with Stationary Compactors

  • PTR Baler & Compactor Leads the Way with Stationary Compactors

    PTR Baler & Compactor is known for time test performance. We design, engineer and build our Stationary Compactors for long lasting performance and durability. We have a wide array these essential compactors – from our smallest compactor the TP-33 to the TP-3000 – one for every need. When the TP-33 Series was designed, we challenged our engineers to see how long the machines could hold up in the field. We are pleased to say: those machines originally built in the early 70’s are still performing. These are ideal for apartment complexs, hotels and hospitals. The TP-3000 – . All components are built using heavy-duty structural steel components and welded by AWS certified technicians. These are ideal for all scenarios.

    The TP series compaction system reduces the cost associated with waste removal. Typically waste removal is charged by the ton as well as a pick-up and tipping fee. By compressing your waste you can cut down on the number of pick-up and tipping fees associated with waste removal while cutting the environmental effects of transporting the waste to and from the land-fill. By Combining environmental sustainability with cost savings, you can meet your carbon reduction initiatives and save money in the process.

    Some of the virtues of our stationary compactors

    QUALITY Certified Welding. All critical welds are done by Certified AWS Category I & II craftsmen. With 92,000 PSI tensile strength, PTR’s welds are actually stronger than steel.

    DURABILITYHigh Reliability, Low Maintenance Power Unit. Easily accessible, this powerful high torque power unit provides excellent service and long term durability.


    We have user friendly controls that are housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure and connected to the power pack with 13 ft of Seal-Tite.


    Our unique one-piece charge box combines fixtured construction with superior material strength, eliminated the potential of broken welds or inferior sidewall floor matting.

    The PTR TP series is a line of stationary compactors designed to meet your dry waste needs. We offer a TP-SP twin cylinder line of short profile units for tight space requirements. Our standard TP series is designed to meet the needs of retail stores. We also manufacture a TP-HD line of heavy duty stationary compactors for higher compression and bulk waste applications. Our TP-HDI series is our most powerful units and were designed for industrial waste and home supply stores.

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