Recycle Right, Right Now

  • Recycle Right, Right Now

    Being eco-conscious is increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike. There are many small things we can do that make a big difference. Recycling is arguably the easiest and hopefully, you’re already doing it at home. But, what are your company’s sustainability practices? 

    Effective waste management can make or break corporate sustainability goals. Organizations must be focused on their landfill contributions and carbon footprint. Less waste equates to fewer trucks hauling waste to landfills, and in turn less pollution-causing emissions. It also results in major savings for your company, since your transport fees will decrease.

    Implementing sustainability policies is essential, and utilizing a recycling baler plays a significant role. Recycling Balers divert an array of materials including cardboard, newspaper, paper cartons, aluminum cans, electronic waste, plastics, textiles and more. You’ll see an overall waste reduction and lower your carbon footprint, all the while creating a healthier internal environment. Not to mention, it creates an additional revenue stream by turning what was once trash into valuable recyclable commodities.

    In the United States, the vast majority of products are shipped in corrugated packaging. Recycling materials such as cardboard is key in resource conservation. Incredibly, recycling just one ton of cardboard saves about 46 gallons of oil. It’s estimated that the amount of cardboard disposed of each year is equal to the amount of energy needed to heat 5o million homes for 20 years- a truly mind-blowing fact!

    And, when you’re running your air conditioning during these hot summer days, consider this: recycling 6 aluminum cans equates to 1 hour of running an air conditioner.

    Remember, recycling correctly is critical. Recycle thoughtfully, whether you’re at work or at home.

    At PTR, it’s always been our mission to help organizations go greener and meet their sustainability goals. When you invest in a PTR baler or compactor, you invest in a healthier world. Ready to start reaching new sustainability goals at your company? Contact PTR today.