Sustainable, Safe, Smart – PTR’s Rebuilt Program

  • Sustainable, Safe, Smart – PTR’s Rebuilt Program

    If you are looking to kick off a successful recycling program at your organization, but budgets are tight, a certified pre-owned baler may be ideal for you. Or, you may have an aging baler that’s beginning to incur high maintenance costs, or just isn’t performing optimally any longer. If this is the case, but your budget won’t allow for a brand new replacement machine, certified pre-owned might be the answer for you. Here’s another major money saving plus – because we have rebuilding facilities across the United States, freight costs are kept to a minimum.

    Our Rebuilt Balers are certified pre-owned vertical recycling balers that have been completely refurbished and fully inspected.  Not only are is it the most cost-effective solution, they’re also the “greenest” way to go. By using a refurbished baler, you’re using a recycling piece of equipment.

    Units are hand-picked and must fit a number of criteria in order to qualify for the Rebuilt program.

    • • Units must be less than 15 years old
    • • No structural defects
    • • Pass a 52 point inspection process
    • • Pass our OEM standards for machine quality

    Once approved, the baler is thoroughly reconditioned by our AWS certified welders and all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic issues are addressed and fixed. Additionally, old wear parts are replaced with OEM certified parts, hydraulic old is drained and refilled with fresh oil and moving parts are greased. Finally, the baler is given a full cleaning, fresh coat of paint and new safety stickers.

    When you purchase a PTR Rebuilt Baler, you’re getting all the best of PTR.  Expert engineering and design, quality workmanship and all the safety features you’ve come to expect from PTR equipment. You can learn more about the capabilities of our various baler models here.

    We also offer a rebuilt program for our self-contained and stationary compactors. All rebuilt balers and compactors come with a standard 90 day limited parts/labor warranty.

    Whether it’s a brand new baler or a certified pre-owned, you’ll experience all the same benefits of being able to divert material from your waste stream. Your baler creates a dense bale of material that is a valuable recycling commodity. You save with less trips to the landfill, and in turn lower your carbon emissions. 

    All in all, our Rebuilt Program is:

    • Economical
    • Safe
    • Sustainable

    It’s just smart. Suggest a PTR certified pre-owned Rebuilt Vertical Baler for your organization today. Our customer representatives are happy to answer any of your questions. Call (800) 523-3654 or click here to send us an email.