Thank You to All PTR’s Essential Workers

  • Thank You to All PTR’s Essential Workers

    We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the essential workers who are involved with our company. From the truck drivers, to our factory workers and those that complete the installs – thank you! Because of you, PTR is able to still serve the needs of our customers across the United States.

    We know how challenging the current circumstances are. Yet, every day, you put the same amount of hard work and dedication as always, and for that you deserve to be recognized. We appreciate all of your efforts!

    PTR works will many baler and compactor installation companies across the country. Proper installation, along with smart, high quality design, is key to optimally functioning waste and recycling operations. We work with only expert installers to ensure the job is done right. We have professional installers located throughout the nation, so whether you have a new or existing facility, we can schedule an installation to fit your needs.

    To learn more about PTR Installations and access equipment installation forms, visit the Installations page of our website.