The Compact, Yet Powerful 420HD Series Baler

  • The Compact, Yet Powerful 420HD Series Baler

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    If you have a small to mid-sized facility, we have the baler for you.

    We have a baler solution to fit your needs and facility size, no matter how large or small! PTR recycling baler models 324HD, 360HD and 420HD are great options for those with less space to work with. Here are the bale width for each model:

    • Model 324HD (24″)
    • Model 360HD (36”)
    • *NEW* Model 420HD (42”)


    The 420HD is a compact, yet powerful machine has been specifically engineered for applications with limited space or budget. The 420HD Series has all of the key safety features that make PTR the leader in the vertical baler industry. Easily, quickly and safely bale cardboard, plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans, paper and more. What was once waste is now valuable recycling commodity for your organization, creating a new revenue stream.

    This model provides the heaviest bale out of the 3 models- 200 – 400 Lbs, while still fitting easily in a compact space.

    This Vertical Downstroke Baler Model is ideal for:

    • Supermarkets
    • Retail Chains
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Malls

    Regardless of the size of your operation, a PTR recycling baler can help you stay on track with your sustainability goals. A recycling baler keeps floor space clear of debris – this make your facility safer for your backroom employees and allows you to maximize the space you have. Below is a quick snapshot of the specs for the 420HD:



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