The PTR Pre-Crusher Series

  • The PTR Pre-Crusher Series

    The Pre-Crusher Series of Stationary Compactors were designed to destroy product prior to compacting. This machine has a heavy duty guillotine door that is used by the ram as a wall to compact against before cycling again into the container.

    Our pre-crushers are ideally designed to handle bulky items, including steel drums, barrels, wood pallets, wood crates and other difficult industrial waste products. The primary benefit of pre-crushing prior to compacting is that you’ll reduce overall volume. This equates to fewer trips to the landfill and therefore results in significant cost savings!

    Key Features:

    • Long-lasting performance and durablity
    • Built using heavy duty structural steel
    • 20′ Sealtite
    • Welded by AWS Certified Technicians
    • 3 button controls: On/Off Key Switch, Mushroom Stop, Start Button

    The pre-crusher series is great for distribution centers, large appliance and automotive manufacturers & many more.

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