The Smart Baler Gets Even Smarter.

  • The Smart Baler Gets Even Smarter.

    The newest feature of the PTR Smart Baler helps reinforce the connection between your waste and recycling operations and your administrative department.

    Now, data is automatically transmitted from the baler into Smartsheet software. Smartsheet is a type of management and collaboration software used to assign tasks, track progress on work projects, manage calendars and more. The software easily integrates with Google G Suite. Learn more about Smartsheet at

    How does this benefit your business? It provides you with the most accurate data possible, which is extremely valuable. The more reliable the data, the easier it is to make decisions for the business. Along with the other innovative features of the Smart Baler, the Smart Baler will revolutionize your organization’s current waste processes by increasing speed, accuracy, efficiency and safety.



    Here’s what else makes it unlike any other baler:

    -Smart Control Panel with easy to use interface (just like your smartphone!)
    -Keyless entry
    -Triple safety switch
    -Fingerprint reader option

    These features are accessible directly through the interface:
    -Request Service
    -Request baling wire
    -View bales ejected log
    -View service logs
    -View supplies requested log

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    Did you know PTR has a patent on our innovative Diagnostic System for our recycling balers and trash compactors?
    -Includes a controller and a plurality of switches coupled to inputs of the controller.
    -A first switch is in a first position when a ram of the compactor/baler is below a predetermined location, and a second position when the ram reaches the location.
    -A second switch is in a first position when pressure driving the ram is below a predetermined pressure limit, and a second position when the ram exceeds the pressure limit.
    -A communication port and display are operatively coupled to outputs of the controller.
    -The controller is configured to, upon actuation of the first switch to the first position, activate a ram timer to count to a predetermined timer setting, and, if the second switch is actuated to the second position before the ram timer reaches the timer setting, output an alert of a full bale condition the communication port and/or display.

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