Vertical Baler 101

  • Vertical Baler 101

    Balers allow you to transform your cardboard, plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans and siding into valuable commodities for your organization. Recycling markets purchase these bales, turning what once was waste into a revenue stream. Your baler will become a money-saving tool for your company, as your expenses for waste removal should decrease considerably. Landfills taxes and fees continue to rise each year, so you’ll be glad you have your recycling baler to help offset costs.

    You’ll also save critical floor space and keep it free from dangerous debris and clutter. When cardboard and other materials pile up around a warehouse, they create a hazardous environment for employees. Clutter and waste can also lead to unwanted pests and vermin in your warehouse. You’ll also save time and hours of labor because employees won’t have to crush and flatten cardboard boxes themselves,

    Another benefit you can feel great about is the positive environmental impact. Rather than sending materials like cardboard, plastic, aluminum, textiles and more off to the landfill, you’re recycling it. The helps show your company is dedicated to caring for the environment.

    We offer a variety of fully U.L. approved baler models ranging in size from 24” to 72”. They’re custom tailored to best fit your application. The 1800HD & 3600HDLP are low-profile balers that are ideal for applications with limited space and ceiling height. The 3400HD is our most popular high-density baler, being the ideal size for most supermarkets, retail chains, department stores and more. The 8000HD is our largest and most powerful and vertical baler, great for metal scrap recycling as well as dense polystyrene bales. Bale weights will range in size depending on the model of the baler used. To see our full line of baler models, click here.

    It’s important to train staff to properly and safely handle the baler. You’ll want to ensure that only select employees, over the age of 18, are well trained to use the equipment. Ensure that all warning stickers and labels are clearly visible. Staff should also be extremely careful when transporting heavy bales.

    A responsible employee should be appointed to ensure all daily maintenance and regular preventative maintenance is being scheduled. To see more of our daily baler maintenance tips, click here or to see our preventative maintenance programs, click here.

    PTR Balers save your organization money, time and space, and help your business meet recycling requirements and sustainability goals. Contact PTR today to learn more!