Why You Need Preventative Maintenance

  • Why You Need Preventative Maintenance

    Why is it so importance to keep up with preventative maintenance?

    • Reduced Cost of Ownership
    • Increased Productivity
    • Increased Safety 

    ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) recommends equipment have yearly maintenance checks. To keep your waste and recycling equipment running optimally, you want to make sure to follow our recommended preventative maintenance schedule. Our programs are a cost-effective way to get the most life out of your baler or compactor. They also increase employee productivity due to that fact that preventative maintenance lessens the frequency of downtime. 

    Over time, it’s normal for your equipment’s oil quality to deteriorate and parts to begin to wear. This causes the baler or compactor to work much less efficiently, including:

    • A reduction in pressure capability
    • Reduced material weights in compactors & reduced bale weights in balers 
    • Increased pull fees
    • Higher bale creation labor costs
    • Component failure, which results in lost employee productivity

    With our Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program, we’ll evaluate the over condition of the the equipment. Safety features are thoroughly tested, cylinder welds and seals are inspected, fittings are greased, pressured are set, and much more. See the entire list of critical systems and structures which will be addressed during Preventative Maintenance here.

    PTR gives you the ability to customize your PM program. For example, we offer hydraulic fluid replacement and key guard installation. Find out the rest of your options here.

    No matter how small or large your fleet size, our Preventative Maintenance program is the solution to ensuring the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your waste and recycling equipment. 

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