You CAN Start a Recycling Program with PTR Rebuilt!

  • You CAN Start a Recycling Program with PTR Rebuilt!

    PTR’s Certified Rebuilt program can be the answer for smaller companies, retail establishments, small hotels, or any business looking to start a recycling program but hesitant due of limited funds. Not to mention, choosing “recycled” and rebuilt balers and compactors are a great step in a “greener” direction for your company.

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    Anxious to start a recycling program at your organization, but concerned the cost will be too high? If you want to implement sustainability practices at your business but have a tight budget, PTR can help.

    A major reason we’re able to keep freight costs down is by having rebuilding facilities located nationwide We also have service centers from coast to coast, so you can rest assured when you need service or repair we’ll be there promptly to get you back to business. In fact, we have a 99% rate of arrival on time or before the scheduled time of arrival.

    Every rebuilt unit is hand-picked. It must be less than 15 years old and free of any and all structural defects. It then undergoes a thorough 52 pt inspection process and a full reconditioning completed by our AWS certified welders. 

    You can be sure when you buy PTR Rebuilt you’re still getting the very best the industry has to offer! Not only will your baler function just like new, it will look new, too. We treat it to a thorough reconditioning, deep cleaning, fresh paint and new safety stickers. 

    You’ll quickly find your return on investment is well worth it. PTR recycling balers will help you cut costs in a number of different ways. 

    • Your turning what once was trash into a valuable recycling commodity.
    • Less trash = less trips to the landfill, thus saving you money.
    • Since our balers are built for safety and quality, you’ll be cutting way back on downtime due to injury.

    Rebuilt balers include a full 90 day parts and labor warranty. Our Rebuilt program is available for PTR compactors, as well. We can even rebuilt your current baler or compactor and give it a new lease on life! Contact us today here to get started – we’re happy to answer any of your questions.