Zero In On Total Accuracy

  • Zero In On Total Accuracy

    PTR’s Weight Monitoring System is the smart, efficient answer to your weight accuracy problems. Many organizations are unknowingly throwing away dollars due to  inaccurate weight readings or because they aren’t able to fully optimize pickups. Our weight scale is a unique piece of equipment that allows you to fully optimize pickups for required weights. The digital display unit offers fast, accurate results you can count on.

    Our weight monitoring scale and system is the solution to eliminating overweight containers, allowing your organization to optimize pickups for required weights and saving you big on tipping fees. Eliminating overweight containers increases overall safety for yourself and haulers, and saves time and money. With PTR weight scales, you’ll know exactly when your waste container hits the maximum weight allowed by law to be transported. This knowledge is powerful, since haulers charge by weight and for every pull, you’ll see considerable savings on tipping fees.

    Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, the reduction in the number of overall pulls can add up to real savings.  It can also help mitigate the extra expenses accrued by last year’s ELD mandate. Learn more about that here

    Many other vendors measure fullness by using a pressure gauge on camera. This requires the container to be full, but without any regard to weight. This can result in overweight containers being transported by the waste hauler. PTR’s innovative solution, the Compactor Weight Scale, solves this issue.

    Often, typical pressure measurement can be high or low, depending on the type of waste in the compactor.  Too low of a weight can lead to extra costs, due to unnecessary pulls. PTR’s advanced weight system uses four load cells under the self contained compactor mail rails to give a more accurate than ever before, regardless of the waste, such as excessive water from fruit. Your organization will quickly begin to reap the benefits once installing this additional feature to your compactor. 

    Our weight monitoring system is also available for our vertical balers. Contact us to learn more.

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    Important Specs:

    • Maximum scale weight (machine plus trash) – 40,000 lbs.

    • Approximately 1.5″ of additional machine elevation is required.

    • The weight is reported locally via the reader display.

    • An additional option that allows the weight reading to be send via cellular signal for remote weight tracking is also available.

    • The load cells and indicator are NTEP approved components.

    • The scale readings are not considered “legal for trade” purposes.

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