Making a Difference

Making a Difference

National Manufacturers Day, Student Awareness campaign with Mayor Kenney.
The employee sponsored holiday giving project to donate clothing and toys to the St Vincent/ St Francis home for Children and young adults has resulted in our largest donation yet! The toys and clothing were delivered in time for the holidays. PTR would like to thank everyone involved with this project. Our employees share our culture of giving back to the community. PTR would also like to give special thanks to Rebecca Aiken and Dawn Rischow for spearheading this effort.

Philadelphia Area Schools Vocational Education Programs

PTR has dedicated itself to making a difference. Making a differencepic123456789 by taking a leadership role in building the foundation for future generations through environmental education and vocational training. Making a difference through good corporate citizenship and having a positive impact on the people and communities in which we serve. Making a difference by promoting and embracing American Manufacturing and the workforce it creates. Our vision is that by making a difference now, we can create more prosperous jobs and better futures for generations to come.

PTR Baler and Compactor Company provides equipment and resources to many of the local schools including, Mercy Vocational High School, Thomas Edison High School, Randolph Career and Technical High School, and Benjamin Franklin High School.

pic987654321PTR is involved with Mercy Vocational High School and Edison High School (both in the City of Philadelphia) by employing their students in our Co-op Program. These high school seniors spend their afternoons at PTR during the school year applying their trade (electrical, carpentry, welding) under the supervision of our plant managers and foreman. PTR believes that training in the manufacturing trades is a powerful tool that companies throughout the city should invest in to ensure that the next generation of qualified, entry level workers are ready to meet the challenges of a 21st century work place.

PTR has eight current employees who have graduated from our co-op program and are now full time, productive team members! This year Edison High School opened the PTR Welding Center at Edison to promote education and training in welding practice and theory to high school students.


Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools

PTR is deeply committed to its partnership with Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS). BLOCS is an independent charitable organization supported by companies, firms, and foundations of all sizes in the five county Philadelphia region. BLOCS is committed to giving children of all incomes, races, ethnic origins and religions access to high quality, values based education in Philadelphia area Catholicschools.

BLOCS has invested in the lives of tens of thousands of children throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia including some of the poorest neighborhoods in the City. PTR has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to BLOCS since its inception and in the 2011 school year, BLOCS was able to grant partial tuition scholarships to more than 3000 students. blocs.orgenviromental

Environmental Research and Education Foundation Scholarship Program

The Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) is one of the largest sources of solid waste research funding in the U.S., allocating approximately $1 million annually in research grants and graduate level scholarships. Thus far, over 50 students have been EREF scholars, many of whom are now in key academic and professional positions across the U.S.

PTR is an active supporter of the Environmental Research and Education Foundation. Its mission is to fund and direct scientific research and educational initiatives for waste management practices to benefit participants and the communities they serve. The PTR/Riethmiller EREF Scholarship recognizes excellence in master’s, doctoral, or post-doctoral waste management research and education. The awards are based on academic performance, professional experience, advancement of solid waste management science, and the potential for success. The goal is to provide scholarships to America’s best and brightest in the solid waste field!

UIIUrban Industry Initiative

PTR is a charter member of the Urban Industry Initiative (UII) in Philadelphia. The mission of UII is to create and sustain manufacturing jobs in Philadelphia through a comprehensive strategy between manufacturers and their community. It is an independent, non-profit corporation within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1996, the UII was created with an idea and a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts to find a new and more successful approach to keeping high paying, urban manufacturing companies from leaving the City of Philadelphia. The UII has worked tirelessly on a number of initiatives like the Job Ready Program as well as setting up industrial districts to strengthen the partnership between neighborhood manufacturing companies, local government and their communities. This collaboration has resulted in thousands of new manufacturing jobs created since its inception.

port richmondPort Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise

PTR is an active member in the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise, PRIDE, is the first urban industrial park in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As a proud member of the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia PRIDE’s mission is to strengthen the business environment of the area by focusing on improving security, cleanliness, infrastructure and relationships between businesses and their residential neighbors. PRIDE’s Mission is to provide a business friendly industrial zone that promotes manufacturing and industrial growth within the city of Philadelphia while working with the surrounding community for our mutual benefit.

From its creation in 2000 through last year, PRIDE has attracted $2.3 million in investment to the area, said Stephen Jurash, president and CEO of the Urban Industry Initiative. The district has also effectively addressed the main concerns of both businesses and residents -- making the area cleaner and safer.METADATA-START

Figure 5: PTR's CEO, Mike Savage and other volunteers
making a difference in the
PRIDE Philly Spring Cleanup event.