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Full Line of Balers

PTR Baler and Compactor Company manufactures ten standard models of vertical balers ranging in size from 24″ to 72″. PTR Baler and Compactor Company offers a wide range of baler models with full U.L. approval. Balers can be used for a variety of applications including the baling of cardboard, plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans and siding. Our baler models can accommodate bales from 100 to 1800 pounds.
Experience that Counts

When you order a PTR Baler for any type of recycling requirement, the benefits of our experience will be immediately apparent. Many advanced design features combine to make operation easy without sacrificing safety. Our balers can handle your toughest requirements with routine efficiency at a low maintenance cost for many, many years

Quality Workmanship

PTR is a recognized source of high-quality products manufactured for safety and long life. From our first 60” down-stroke, high-density baler capable of producing bales of over 1,000 lbs. to our current line of Hydraulic Balers, PTR represents years of developmental design, testing, and quality control.


Baler Models

Models 324HD, 360HD & 420HD: The model 324HD (24”) & 360 (36”) are designed for use in areas with very tight space requirements. Our newest model, the 420 (42”) provides a heavier bale while fitting within a limited space.

Models 1800HD & 3600HDLP: These low profile balers are ideal for applications with limited space or low clearance. The 3600HDLP can fit under an 8′ ceiling.

Models 2300HD: A standard/high density baler constructed with heavy-duty structural steel and jig-fixtured components.

Model 3400HD: PTR’s most popular high density baler, producing 1,000 to 1,300 lb. bales of corrugated material. It is ideal for supermarkets, chain stores, department stores, drug stores and other commercial applications. The model 3400HD will produce dense, heavy bales which will reduce the cost of storage space, handling, and transportation while maximizing recycling revenue.

Model 5000HD: This extremely rugged, high density baler is constructed of heavy-duty structural steel components combined with a large industrial strength motor for superior performance in heavy-duty industrial or recycling applications.

Model 7200HD: One of PTR’s most powerful vertical balers, providing bale weights of up to 1,800 lbs. The 7200HD is ideal for warehouses, distribution centers, and recycling operations.

Model 8000HD: PTR’s largest and most powerful vertical baler, providing bale weights of up to 1,800 lbs. The 8000HD is ideal for metal scrap recycling operationsand large dense polystyrene and cardboard bales.

Vertical baler options:

  • Biometric Locking Device BIOLOC 3000
  • Automatic Bale Sizer with Full Bale Light
  • Outdoor Controls
  • Automatic Ejection System
  • Wire Tie Guides
  • Choice of Colors – See Color Chart