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Self-Contained Compactors

PTR Self-Contained Compactor Sure-Tite Liquid Retention System Eliminates Leakage

The PTR Pak-Tite (PTR) line of waste compactors is the solution to your wet-waste requirements. The PTR Pak-Tite units are ideal for supermarkets, malls, movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, food processors and retail supercenters who process wet waste. The Clean Flush Sump System with Trash flow coordination is designed to allow liquid to exit the area behind the platen into the 750 gallon liquid sump resevoir. This liquid waste is diverted to your sewer system though the drain port reducing your hauling weight, saving you money in hauling fees. A unique PTR “T” seal is used around the door and is a specially designed composite ensuring a Sure-Tite Seal that is self-cleaning and provides a liquid-tight environment.

Heavy Duty Innovative Construction

The PTR Pak-Tite series compactors are 100% U.L approved and manufactured in the United States by AWS (American Welding Society) certified welders. Each unit is made with a heavy duty structural steel design with side channel reinforcement, a peaked container roof for better water runoff, heavy-duty door with full door seal, heavy-duty container sides and charge box and a concave trashmaster door allowing more efficient compaction.

PTR Quality Guarantee

PTR Baler and Compactor Company prides itself on quality, performance and durability. Each unit is water tested and factory inspected to insure many years of dependable use. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk by backing each unit with our best-in-class PTR warranty.


The PTR Advantage

Models Available

PTR Self-Contained compactors are manufactured to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of models and can customer engineer the product to your requirements. Our most popular product line come in 42″ and 52″ feed heights ranging in container volume from 12 to 35 cubic yards.

Some of our most popular models are:

PT-LD series featuring 42″ feed height

  • PT120-LD: 12 cubic yards 42″ height
  • PT150-LD: 15 cubic yards 42″ height
  • PT200-LD: 20 cubic yards 42″ height
  • PT250-LD: 25 cubic yards 42″ height
  • PT300-LD: 30 cubic yards 42″ height
  • PT350-LD: 35 cubic yards 42″ height


PT Series featuring 52″ feed height

  • PT120: 12 cubic yards 52″ height
  • PT150: 15 cubic yards 52″ height
  • PT200: 20 cubic yards 52″ height
  • PT250: 25 cubic yards 52″ height
  • PT300: 30 cubic yards 52″ height
  • PT350: 35 cubic yards 52″ height


Loaded With Standard Features

  • Universal understructure
  • Full container light
  • Double end pickup
  • Full door seal
  • Quick disconnects
  • 100% U.L approved


Compactor Options

  • PTR BioLoc for added security and Safety
  • Side and rear chutes available
  • Doghouse or total enclosure
  • Odor control Sonazaire®
  • One Plus® fullness monitoring system
  • Hydraulic tailgate