About compact

Our Mission

Our Mission: To Fiercely compete every day to exceed our customer expectations!

Our Core Focus: Being the premier manufacturer of waste equipment built on a tradition of quality, safety and innovation. Our products and services are delivered with integrity by the right people. We provide a personalized customer experience by offering service support to varied equipment utilized by our customers.


Our Proven Process: PTR has established quality assurance and quality control standards to ensure that the equipment you order and receive has been thoroughly identified and tested to meet the needs of your application.

Guarantee: PTR is committed to providing our customers the most effective waste and recycling solutions throughout the service life cycle of the products we deliver.

Our Core Values:

  • Be an exceptional team player.
  • Be a proactive problem solver.
  • Be always looking for ways to get better.
  • Be focused and dedicated to our customer’s needs and success.
  • Be a respectful and humble professional. Act with integrity.

Management Rules of Engagement:In order to be a highly positive and productive team, we agree to observe the following guidelines:

  • Be respectful, direct and open with one another. In addressing conflict, we will “deliver the message without the emotional load” and permit a “cooling off” time if needed.
  • Maintain a unified front to all employees. No gossip, triangulation & politics.
  •  Promote healthy team debate in the interest of the best decision.
  • Be loyal and committed to this team as your #1 team.
  • Keep our team conversations out of the weeds...focus on strategic and top leadership issues.
  • Avoid getting into each other’s swim lanes; no micromanaging.
  • Silence is agreement. We will voice our opinions on major decisions as Yes/No/”Sleep on it”. “Sleep on it” means more time is needed for reflection. We will set a date for the decision to be made.
  • We will own our department’s performance and proactively problem solve identified issues by creating/monitoring.reporting on our department's KPIs.
  • We will practice high accountability at all times. We take responsibility for any issues that could impact the firm.