Made in the USA


Made in the USA

PTR Baler & Compactor manufactures all of their products right here in the United States. That tradition stretches back to 1907. PTR Baler & Compactor Company is recognized as the source of high quality products and is backed by an industry leading warranty. Our balers and compactors are manufactured for safety, long life and lowest total cost of ownership.

We are dedicated to the mission of providing our customers the best value in balers, compactors, and nationwide service in our industry. Over the years, many companies have outsourced their manufacturing in order to cut costs. PTR has stayed the course of remaining true to their tradition of quality. By keeping all of our manufacturing here in America our reputation for quality control is unmatched in the industry. Now that the tide is turning and there is a renewed interesting in manufacturing returning to our shores, PTR is setting the example of how manufacturing in America can be profitable while still producing a superior product.

When you order a PTR Baler or Compactor for any recycling or waste disposal application, you immediately benefit from four generations of manufacturing experience. Advanced design features make operation easy without sacrificing safety. Our equipment can handle your toughest requirements with routine efficiency at a low maintenance cost for many years. PTR has focused on streamlining our efforts to become more efficient while always improving quality. This has made PTR an America based manufacturer that is competitive on a global scale. As world wide manufacturing needs are projected to continue to grow, PTR is positioned to be able to meet that demand as we invest in our employees and grow our team right here in the U.S.A.

By keeping our manufacturing under our watchful eye, PTR is able to invest more in research and development. This ensures new and existing products continue to meet and exceed customers expectations. While trends come and go, PTR has stayed true to keeping manufacturing here in America. That maxim has proven to be the foundation of our success. And as the renewed interest in American manufacturing has reemerged recently, it shows PTR has had it right all along.