Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Military and other public and private institutions need solutions to meet their sustainability goals. If your sustainability program includes one or more recyclable waste streams our full line of balers will fit your needs and convert your waste removal expense into a revenue stream while helping the environment. PTR has worked with many institutions like yours to help achieve sustainability goals and reduce the overall costs associated with waste handling.

PTR Baler and Compactor Company product specialist have several decades of experience working with customers to provide sustainable, cost saving, waste stream solutions. Our equipment has been designed to fit a variety of waste applications from recycled cardboard to industrial waste. Our product specialist will help you to determine which unit fits your needs and our internal Customer Service Representatives will be there for you from the time the order is placed until well after your unit is delivered and installed.


  • Recyclable Waste: Both Public and private Institutions are a perfect fit for waste stream reduction and cost savings through recycling. Our products are designed to process waste stream recyclables such as cardboard, shrink wrap, packaging material and light aluminum scrap in industrial recycling applications. Polypropylene (Shrink wrap) and cardboard are marketable commodities in domestic and international markets. Lower your waste removal costs while meeting your sustainability goals.
  • Non-Recyclable Waste: PTR’s line of stationary and self-contained compactors is the preferred solution to your non-recyclable waste handling needs. If you are looking for a streamlined waste handling process, PTR offers a full line of cart dumpers and conveyor fed solutions to make your waste handling operation run at maximum efficiency.


PTR is the pinnacle of quality in the baler and compactor industry with the installed base to prove it. Our products are built to last and backed with a comprehensive warranty. Each PTR unit is meticulously engineered and inspected to provide superior performance for the life of the product.


All of our products are built with safety in mind and meet OSHA and NOISH recommendations. Our UL approved products are thoroughly tested to insure safe reliable operation for many years to come. The PTR Bioloc secure access option is the perfect solution for public and private institutions who must meet OSHA and NOISH standards. The Bioloc will help reduce shrinkage and prevent employees who are under 18 from accessing the baler or compactor.


Whether your store is located in New York City or anchorage Alaska, PTR can deliver, install and service your waste equipment. Our nationwide network of skilled technicians insure that your equipment is delivered on-time, installed professionally and serviced properly over the lifetime of the unit. Our waste equipment management program insures your equipment can continue to meet your needs for the full life cycle of the equipment.