PTR Baler and Compactor Company is the industry leader in meeting the waste equipment needs of the retail market.  Our retail waste solutions experts work with many of the top retail chains and understand the importance of keeping critical floor space clear of discarded materials.  Our industry leading waste solutions have helped retail chains like you to reach their sustainability goals, including zero waste objectives, by proactively analyzing the waste stream and providing customized solutions that fit your waste profile.  We specialize in waste diversion programs that are proven to reduce your waste hauling costs while maximizing the cash returns on your recycling programs.  Our dedicated staff is fully trained to coordinate new store openings, replace existing outdated waste and recycling equipment and make repairs to your baler and compactor investment nationwide.

Retail Waste Streams

  • Wet Waste:  Grocery store waste streams typically include wet waste such as food and liquid waste.  Our self-contained compactors are designed to prevent the leakage of fluids, reducing your exposure to pests and unpleasant odors.  Odor control systems are also available to help mitigate odors from entering your establishment.  PTR also offers a full line of Food Digesters to divert your food waste into an environmentally beneficial compost.
  • Dry Waste: Other retailers such as home supply chains, clothing chains and department stores typically produce dry waste. Our stationary compactors are designed to meet the needs of this market segment.
  • Recyclable Waste: Sustainability programs, good corporate citizenship and new recycling regulations are leading to increased waste diversion goals for many of the top retailers.  What was once considered waste is now considered a valuable commodity that can be diverted from the landfill to a recycling facility.  Cardboard, plastic bags, shrink wrap, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and co-mingled recyclables (sandwich bales) are all opportunities for waste diversion. We offer a full line of balers that will meet your waste stream requirements and convert your waste removal expense into a revenue stream while also benefiting the environment.

Dependable Quality

PTR is the pinnacle of quality in the baler and compactor industry with the installed base to prove it. Our products are built to last and backed with a comprehensive warranty. Each PTR unit is meticulously engineered and inspected to provide superior performance for the life of the product.

Safety Focused

All of our products are built with safety in mind and meet OSHA and NOISH recommendations. Our UL approved products are thoroughly tested to insure safe reliable operation for many years to come.  The PTR Bioloc secure access option is the perfect solution for retail chains who must meet OSHA and NOISH standards. The Bioloc will help reduce shrinkage and prevent employees who are under 18 from accessing the baler or compactor.

Nationwide Coverage

Whether your store is located in New York City or anchorage Alaska, PTR can deliver, install and service your waste equipment. Our nationwide network of skilled technicians insure that your equipment is delivered on-time, installed professionally and serviced properly over the lifetime of the unit. Our waste equipment management program insures your equipment can continue to meet your needs without the need for internal maintenance workers and logistics personnel.