A Quieter, Safer Baler: PTR’s New Quiet Pump

  • A Quieter, Safer Baler: PTR’s New Quiet Pump

    Introducing our 50th anniversary option, the Quiet Pump Power Unit.

    PTR Baler & Compactor Company continues to innovate and lead the industry with the new Quiet Pump Power Unit. The Quiet Pump can be retrofitted to existing units as a kit and can also be used on compactors. This innovation means major strides in safety, productivity and cost-savings.¬†We’re exited to share some of the exponential benefits of this technology.

    The Quiet Pump vastly reduces noise level in the warehouse, which improves workplace safety in a number of different ways. The noise reduction is much less damaging to employee’s hearing. Our Quiet Pump operates at around 60 dB. To give you an idea of what 60 dB sounds like, here’s a few things to compare it to:

    -average conversation 60 dB
    -vacuum cleaner 70 dB
    -garbage disposal 80 dB
    -food blender 88 dB
    -thunder 120 dB
    -bulldozer 85 dB

    Another huge benefit is that the Quiet Pump helps employees to be more alert of what’s happening in the warehouse. It allows them to hear other, more dangerous sounds. For example, say a fork lift is in use. Other loud equipment operating simultaneously may impair their ability to be alert to the forklift.

    As many companies begin to lessen their footprint and downsize their facilities, customer areas may be just outside the warehouse. Therefore, they’ll be exposed to back room noise. To keep things quieter out front, you’ll want to keep noise levels down in the back. The Quiet Pump will play a critical role in this.

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