Baler Safety & the PLC Control Panel

  • Baler Safety & the PLC Control Panel

    PTR is built on a tradition of quality, safety and innovation. Improving the safety of your backroom operations is a key part of our company’s mission. PTR Vertical Balers are equipped with many safety features that make them a cut above the rest industry.

    PTR Balers feature the following mechanisms for added safety benefits:
    • Passive Error and Safety Bypass Monitoring
    • PLC Actively Monitors for Safety Switch Failure or Bypass
    • Automatic shutdown and an error message will appear on screen until safety concern is corrected.
    • The Triple Switch Safety System, which includes:

      •  Foot Pedal Switch
      • Concealed Proximity Switch
      • Door Switch
      • All three of these functions work together to ensure every action with the baler is intentional and within its proper use.

    PLC Controls with Indicator Lights 
    PTR vertical balers have transitioned from the relay based control panel to a PLC based control panel. Our  ‘Programmable Logic Controller’ is a newly engineered, revolutionary baler feature. It’s now standard on all PTR equipment. It’s much like what has been successfully used on PTR’s Compactors for the greater part of the last 10 years. The change is part of an ongoing effort to provide the industry’s most dependable, trusted recycling baler through continuous improvement and innovation. The PLC panel features:

    • Illuminated E-Stop
    • Power On
    • Overload Tripped
    • Door Closed
    • Gate Closed
    • Ram Up
    • Prox Switch Failure
    • Full Bale
    • PM Inspection Required

    The indicator light system prevents nuisance down time due to operator error. The bale size is adjustable, and the ‘full bale light’ comes as a standard feature. The bale counter feature allows you to see the quantity of full bales produced. This feature can be set as resettable or non resettable.

    You’ll experience reduced down time due to error reporting that reduces time associated with troubleshooting. The PLC allows the flexibility of changed functionality or added features. Reliability is improved with PLC control panel, that are rated to cycle millions of times. This cycle counting feature allows you to measure productivity. The PM Indicator lets you know it’s time for Preventative Maintenance, at 60,000 cycles. This allows you to more effectively plan maintenance on the baler, prevent unnecessary downtime and productivity loss.

    Should a safety device be bypassed or fail to function, there is the bypass detection feature on the gate proximity switch. The unit will be rendered inoperable until the condition is corrected.

    We will continue to make improvements and add supplementary features, including more advanced error checking and a separation of the PM, Full Bale and Prox. Bypass light into 3 different indictors.

    A ‘Smart’ or expanded memory version of the PLC will be available soon, so stay tuned for more information. Be sure to sign up for our ‘Monthly News Dispatch’ e-newsletter to ensure you receive the latest product launches and most up to date PTR news available