Safety & Savings with Cart Dump Systems

  • Safety & Savings with Cart Dump Systems

    PTR Cart Dumpers:

    • Save money

    • Save Time

    • Reduce risk of employee injury

    Our Cart Dump Systems, also referred to as cart tippers and lifters, are specifically designed to improve the overall process of loading materials into your compactor. No matter what size waste collection bin or compactor your organization uses, it can benefit from the use of one of our cart tippers. We offer a variety of models to suit your unique needs. This equipment can make a significant difference in the amount of time and manpower it takes. Without the cart dumper, the process can be very strenuous and dangerous for employees. It puts them at risk for injury, which can be easily avoided through the use of our Cart tippers.

    The cart tipper is capable of lifting up to 4,000 pound loads. We have many options available, including both mobile and stationary models, as well as hydraulic solutions. 


    Is your compactor located in a tight space? PTR’s mobile lifters are equipped with wheels making them easy to move around. They are also easy to store. Several series are available to best fit your needs. 


    These cart dumpers are designed specially for permanent mounting into concrete or metal pads. Choose from manual or push-button controls. A wide variety different models area available. Click here to download the full pdf.


    Here’s what to know when selecting the right cart dumper. Refer to the image below.

    Dump Height: Refers to the distance from mounting surface to rim of hopper

    Threshold: The distance from mounting location where lifter will be to lip of hopper opening. 

    Hopper Opening: Dimension (l x w) of the opening you are dumping into

    Ceiling Height: Distance from mounting surface to lowest hanging portion of the ceiling.

    Lifter Selection Checklist

    Cart dumpers are very simple to install and start putting to work. Our skilled PTR technicians can show your staff how to properly use cart dumpers, as well as any other PTR equipment. View our full line of commercial lifters online by clicking hereLet us find a solution that fits your company’s needs and goals! Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of waste and recycling equipment.