Cart Tippers: Safety & Savings

  • Cart Tippers: Safety & Savings

    PTR’s key missions are to improve safety, productivity and sustainability in the workplace. From conception to creation, our balers and compactors are created with those ideals in mind and they’re made to last. If you’re looking to reduce the chance of employee injury even further, PTR Cart Dumpers may be the answer.

    Your waste handling employees spend a significant amount of time moving waste from collection bins to balers or compactors. This leaves them open to back strain and injury. Injuries cause hardship for the employee and organization alike. They are a drain on productivity and costs. You can help avoid them by utilizing commercial cart tippers. This specialized equipment is created to make moving waste from collection bins into waste removal containers faster, easier and safer. Because the time needed to transfer waste from the collection cart to your waste compactor or dumpster is significantly reduced, you’ll experience a significant cost-savings, as well. Additionally, cart tippers help keep floor space clear.

    PTR Cart tippers are simple to install. Plus, our technicians will happily show you and your staff how to properly use all PTR equipment. View our full line of cart tippers, also known as cart dumpers or commercial lifters, online by clicking here. Keep in mind, PTR Cart Tippers are customizable to your companies needs. Let us demonstrate a solution that fits your organizational needs.

    The following are examples of markets that have experienced significant benefits from cart tippers:
    • Retail Chains
    • Distribution Centers
    • Property Management Companies
    • Government Institutions
    • Educational Facilities

    All markets would benefit from this equipment. Cart tippers help you save time and money, while reducing potential for work related back injuries. Ready to learn more? Our customer service representatives are available to answer any of your questions. Click here to contact us today.