Data as a business asset and Sustainability are two key business trends for 2024

  • Data as a business asset and Sustainability are two key business trends for 2024

    As 2023 draws to a close, we look forward to 2024. Two business trends for 2024 include utilizing data to improve operational efficiency and having a Sustainability mission. Here at PTR we’re well ahead of that trend.

    When it comes to data our Smart Baler is unmatched. Not only does our Smart Baler have a sleek touchscreen control panel and lots of extra safety features – its big on data. It will upload weights, number of loads, and all operational data directly to your computer or smart phone. This precise and exact information is invaluable in analyzing day to day operations and looking for opportunities for efficiencies. It also helps you take a close look at productivity. The answers are always in the numbers and this case is no exception. Get on trend and start analyzing and utilizing all of your vertical balers numbers.

    And that is just one aspect of the Smart Baler. Enjoy keyless operation, precise weights and increased safety features. The interface is so easy to use – if you have a smartphone you’re already an expert!

    Another trend is having a sustainability mission. Here at PTR, our sustainability mission is central to our operations and culture. We offer  many solutions for your organization’s sustainability and recycling goals.  If you are implementing a zero waste or corporate sustainability program, we can help.  By diverting cardboard, paper, plastics, shrink wrap, and aluminum into recyclable commodities your company can achieve its targeted waste reduction goals.  PTR offers a full line of waste reduction and recycling equipment to meet your needs.

    PTR missions contributes to a healthier environment through sustainability practices that positively impact its internal and the external natural environment, employee health, welfare and the community. PTR is committed to the responsible use of environmental resources as a means of living its core values.

    PTR staff, vendors and partners are tasked with helping to recognize new opportunities to develop and implement sustainability solutions. PTR strives to make a difference through Focus, Commitment and the Promise of a vision that is, to provide a better quality of life within our environment today and for future generations. PTR customers also realize that when they invest in a PTR compactor or baler, they contribute to a healthier environment AND help PTR to succeed in its mission. Our Sustainability Policy embraces our mission.