Earth Month 2020 & The Green Mission

  • Earth Month 2020 & The Green Mission

    April is recognized as Earth Month, and yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

    In 1970, Earth Day was instituted to bring awareness to issues surrounding the environment and climate. What started in the United States quickly spread to become a worldwide movement, being celebrated in 190+ countries. This year, Earth Day turned 50. Learn more about the history of Earth Day here.

    Our Green Mission

    At PTR Baler and Compactor Company, it’s always been our mission to help your organization go greener and meet its sustainability goals. Our goal is to help businesses across the country, and internationally, improve their environment, inside and out, and to positively impact the health of your employees and community. We do this by providing the most effective and durable waste and recycling equipment in the industry. Whether your goals are to reduce waste or to reach zero waste, PTR can help make it happen.

    Our Vertical Downstroke Balers divert cardboard, paper, plastics, shrink wrap, aluminum and more, turning these materials into recyclable commodities. With PTR balers and compactors, your company can achieve (or even exceed) its targeted waste reduction goals.

    Waste and recycling management is key in implementing corporate sustainability policy and practices. When you create less waste, that in turn means less trucks hauling waste to landfills. Less trucks means less pollution-causing emissions. Not to mention, transportation savings for your company.

    You’ll reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint, all the while creating a healthier environment for yourself and your employees, and your community. Plus, you’ll create an additional revenue stream by turning what was once trash into valuable recyclable commodities.

    Under our current circumstances, there are still things we can as individuals do to honor and celebrate the planet, all month long. Try gardening or even plant a tree! Be mindful of water usage and try cutting down on shower time.

    Learn more about sustainability here, or contact PTR with questions.

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