Going green – Enjoy a myriad of benefits

  • Going green – Enjoy a myriad of benefits

    At PTR Baler & Compactor we’ve been a “Green Mission” for years. Sustainability, recycling and going green are part of our core values. It is who we are. Establishing a green mission for your business can result in many benefits.

    Actually make a difference
    When an individual recycles, up-cycles or reduces waste it makes a small impact. When an entire company goes green, the positive impact can be significant. Then imagine many companies doing this. This is real change. We only have one planet, lets all work towards making it better. Its important!

    Walk the walk
    By establishing a well defined green mission plan, you’ll show your clients and customers you’re actually taking actionable steps to improve the environment. You’re not making vague promises, you’re making a difference. This will resonate.

    Change can be painful. It can also be an opportunity to look for innovations. By changing how you do things, efficiencies can be found. Its a common misconception that going green costs more. If you align your green goals with other goals (like operational efficiency) you can make big strides on all fronts!

    Spark interest in potential employees
    As you know, hiring good people has become very competitive. Many younger workers and those fresh out of collage would be attracted to a company with a green mission and sustainability goals. This is important to the younger generation. It not only attracts talent – it also motivates them.

    Get ahead of regulations
    Instead of rushing to catch up when new regulations are imposed, get ahead of it! Lead the way and show you’re going green because you want to – not because you have to.

    Build your brand
    Your green mission can be part of your brand story. Its a relevant, timely and meaningful thing to talk about. Especially if your competition is not on a green mission! People notice.

    So how to get started? Task your team with coming up with ideas. Have some fun with it and award gift cards to those with the best ideas. Having your team involved every step of the way will make them feel like they’re part of something and they’ll take ownership of it. Set some goals and keep the mission top of mind. Work it into your culture – and watch the results blossom!