Good As New: PTR Rebuilt & Certified Pre-Owned

  • Good As New: PTR Rebuilt & Certified Pre-Owned

    New year, like-new equipment!

    As your balers or compactors age, you may start to experience hight maintenance costs. If your organization has an existing baler or compactor, or fleet of waste or recycling equipment, PTR’s Rebuilt programs may be the perfect option for you. Particularly, if you are not in a financial position to buy new, this is a great solution. Plus, it’s a way to go even greener. Your business or organization becomes even more sustainable when you choose to ‘recycle’ your waste handling and recycling equipment. It’s a cost-effective, sustainable way to upgrade your current waste systems.

    We have Rebuilt programs for virtually all of our equipment, including Vertical Balers, Stationary Compactor and Self-Contained Compactors. Our rebuilding facilitates are located throughout the United States. This helps us keep freight costs at a minimum. 

    There are significant benefits to choosing PTR Baler and Compactor Co. when having your equipment rebuilt. For one, our technicians are OEM-factory-trained waste equipment experts. Our welders are AWS certified. All Rebuilt units come standard with a 90 day limited parts and labor warranty.

    Certified Pre-Owned PTR balers and compactors are not like any other used baler or compactor. We hand-pick each one, based on a variety of criteria. The unit must be 15 years old or less and have no structural defects. This would eliminate them from qualifying for ‘Certified Pre-Owned’. They undergo a thorough ’52 Point Inspection Process”. All electrical, mechanical and hydraulic issues will be addressed and fixed. Afterwards, the equipment undergoes a complete reconditioning. It looks brand new after a deep cleaning, fresh coat of paint and safety stickers. What’s more, it will run like new after wear parts are replaced with exclusively OEM Certified parts, hydraulic oil is refilled, moving parts are greased, and more. Learn more here

    Have questions? If you’d like to learn more about our Certified Pre-Owned equipment, or are interested in having your current equipment rebuilt, contact PTR here