Here’s What NOT to Put in Your PTR Compactor.

  • Here’s What NOT to Put in Your PTR Compactor.

    There’s so many benefits of a having a PTR compactor in your facility, like the space savings, cost savings, improved safety and productivity, and overall healthier work environment. You’ll want your waste compactor to continue working at the optimal level for years to come. To help ensure this, educate your employees of what is safe to put in the compactor and what is not.

    Most waste is safe to throw into your compactor, however, DO NOT dispose of the following items:

    Flammable Substances are not safe to place in your PTR compactor. Anything explosive or flammable should be kept far away from your compactor. A fire inside the equipment would be extremely dangerous for nearby employees. This includes aerosol spray cans, as they are under pressure and it’s possible they may explode in the compactor.

    Batteries should be disposed of according to recycling standards, and not thrown into your compactor. Batteries have a highly toxic substance in them which would contaminate the other contents of the compactor, making them no longer acceptable for recycling.

    Liquids are a no-go in your Stationary Compactor . PTR Self-Contained compactors are equipped to deal with wet-waste, but not Stationary compactors. Disposing of liquids in your stationary compactor can lead to unwanted odors. Organizations like supermarkets, malls, movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, food processors and retail supercenters who process wet waste will require a Self-Contained compactor. PTR’s innovative Sure-Tite Liquid Retention System is key to preventing leakage. Be sure to discuss with type of compactor is best for your organization with your PTR Customer Service Representative. 

    It’s wise to train your staff that if they aren’t sure, to air on the side of caution always. Lastly, make sure employees know to never place their hands, arms or other limbs in the compactor, as this is extremely dangerous. If something accidentally falls into the compactor, no one should ever reach in to retrieve it. An appropriate tool should be designated for this.

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