Installation, Modification and Relocation Services by PTR Baler & Compactor

  • Installation, Modification and Relocation Services by PTR Baler & Compactor

    Do you need to modify or relocate your baler or compactor? Do you need a custom solution? Of course you already know that PTR Baler & Compactor provides state of the art and reliable vertical balers and compactors. We also provide installation services. After you purchase one from us, we can arrange for an installation to meet your business needs. Our installation team will handle the logistics and provide you with a turn key result.

    Turn-Key operation
    PTR has the project management experience and skills to expedite your installation, relocation or customization of your current system. We can coordinate freight, installation and site requirements to provide a turnkey solution. Our team has tried and true experience doing all sorts of installations. Upon completion of an installation we will provide you and your team with training so you can operate every safely and efficiently.

    We can provide custom solutions for your vertical baler and compactors. Every location is different and we’ve seen it all! From space constraints and more. We can provide:

    • Wall on deck
    • Wall on deck full enclosure
    • Deck with tipper
    • Multi-story chutes
    • Baler installations in basements
    • Baler installations via elevator and upper floors
    • Conveyor feeds

    PTR Installation Benefits
    Our service techs can service locations across the entire country. You can expect a quality installation by an experienced professional. We can also remove old equipment if need be. We’re fully insured and provide 24/7 support. At PTR we have built a culture around safety and that comes through in the installation right down to training and operation.

    The Smart Baler
    If you’re having new balers installed or need current upgrades to your baler, consider the PTR Smart Baler. We’ve put years of research and development into this. It comes with a user friendly touch screen panel. If you can use a smart phone, you can use the smart baler. Also, no more looking for lost keys. Keyless operation via a PIN lets you track who is using it and when. Optional fingerprint reader – this extra layer of safety eliminates improper or unauthorized use. The triple safety switch offers an extra layer of safety. You can also have precise weights and data readings sent right to your computer!

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