It’s a Spring Thing – Preventative Maintenance

  • It’s a Spring Thing – Preventative Maintenance

    Getting ahead of problems saves time and money

    With the arrival of Spring – Spring Cleaning always comes up. That doesn’t just apply to cleaning your home. It can be applied to everything from your state of mind to your equipment. It makes for a good time to pause, reflect, plan and take care of yearly tasks. Business typically picks up this time of year and people emerge from hibernation.

    It also makes for a good time of year to perform any preventative maintenance on your vertical baler or compactor. It’s normal that during the life of equipment the oil quality degrades and parts begin to wear. Inefficient Balers will increase bale creation labor costs and reduce bale weights. When wear leads to component failure and downtime the result is lost productivity, open top fees or sanitation issues. These events can eat up hard earned profit dollars. Performing regular maintenance helps you to achieve a safe, productive and  environment for your employees

    PTR has the solution: The PTR PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM is the solution to reliable, cost effective and safe equipment. It addresses critical systems and structures:

    • Evaluate overall equipment condition.
    • Verify that all safety decals are in good condition.
    • Test and verify the operation of safety features.
    • Thoroughly inspect the cylinder welds and seals.
    • Grease all fittings.
    • Perform structural inspection of equipment.
    • Verify that all safety covers are secure and properly positioned.
    • Inspect all loading doors and related safety switches.
    • Provide training to personnel on site during visit.
    • Create digital record . (Available upon request)
    • Verify area near equipment is clear of debris or improperly stored material.
    • All deficiencies communicated and solutions discussed.

    We also inspect:
    • all hoses and crimps.
    • all hose clamps and tighten as needed.
    • The motor for signs of wear or end of life conditions.
    • The pump for leaks or signs of failure.
    • The oil level and general condition.
    •   The ram or platen guide systems.
    • All control box switches and verify all are operational.
    • The motor starter.
    • The motor starter overload.
    • All Emergency Stop Switches.
    • All electrical connections and tighten as needed.
    • Wiring for signs of damage.

    This is as thorough as it gets! Your equipment will be in tip top shape and you’ll be good to go. Taking care of this now prevents costly delays in the future. We can also customize your Preventative Maintenance Program! For example we can replace aging safety stickers, start/stop buttons, key switches and more.

    You can also upgrade to a PTR Smart Baler.
    This takes efficiency and safety to the next level!

    We hope you have a wonderful Spring! Schedule you preventative maintenance today!