It’s Not Luck, It’s PTR Preventative Maintenance!

  • It’s Not Luck, It’s PTR Preventative Maintenance!

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    Take your luck into your own hands with our Preventative Maintenance Programs! If you want to avoid unnecessary downtime & costly repairs, ask yourself the following questions:

    When is the last time your equipment has had Preventative Maintenance performed? 

    If  you haven’t had your baler or compactor serviced in a year or more, don’t wait any longer to set your appointment! According to ANSI, (The American National Standards Institute), equipment should undergo maintenance checks at least annually. Whether you operate with one baler or have a fleet, we can accommodate your organization’s needs.

    How important is the safety of and reliability of this equipment in your operation?

    If it’s very important, consider this. After long periods of regular use, inevitably, oil quality in your baler or compactor will begin to degrade. From here, it’s a domino effect. Parts will undergo wear with time, which in turn decreases pressure capability. For compactors, material weights will be reduced as a result. This will mean additional pull fees for your organization. And with your baler, performing at less than optimal levels causes lower bale weights, and often times, increases labor costs. Overall productivity nose dives and hauler fees increase. Sanitation issues will likely follow suit, which is hazardous to your employees. Click here for the full list of critical systems and structures that will be addressed during PM, as well as options to customize your program.

    Luckily, we work on all makes and model of balers and compactors in the industry, throughout the United States – not just PTR recycling and waste equipment! Contact us at (800) 523-1155 or email to learn more or make your service appointment.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here at PTR!

    “May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.”  – Irish Blessing