Polymer Wheels – Less Wear, More Savings

  • Polymer Wheels – Less Wear, More Savings

    Patent-Pending Polymer Wheels for Self-Contained Compactors

    We’ve done the research, so you reap the rewards.

    Are you tired of damaged concrete pads and having to replace worn out wheels on your compactors and containers? PTR’s patent-pending polymer wheels are specially designed to eliminate the problems experienced with traditional steel wheels.

    Specially formulated composition and durometer have led to an industry changing innovation. The need for costly steel plates being imbedded or anchored to your pads for protection from damage and costly service repairs are now a thing of the past, thanks to our patent-pending polymer wheels.

    With PTR polymer wheels, your concrete pad is protected from damage and rust, you will virtually eliminate the potential for wearing out your wheels. This will lead to significant savings in costly replacement charges. Our low coefficient of friction design gets rid of the need for service technicians to grease wheels and axels.

    Product Benefits Include:

    • Eliminates problems caused by traditional steel wheels, such as damaged concrete.

    • No more costly ground plates anchored or imbedded in your concrete pad.

    • Impact resistant polymer reduces machine damage caused by rough or abusive haulers.

    • No more grease fittings- low friction design eliminates the need to grease your wheels.

    • Long-lasting design has proven itself, with 10+ years of service in routine applications.

    • Less wear on wheels means less maintenance & overall cost of ownership.

    Click to access a printable pdf version of our Polymer Wheel fact sheet.