Product Spotlight: 3400HD Vertical Downstroke Baler

  • Product Spotlight: 3400HD Vertical Downstroke Baler

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    As of 2017, PTR has been making vertical balers for 50 years. In many cases, that’s decades over the competition. PTR’s Flagship signature series Vertical Downstroke Baler, the 3400HD, was the first High Density baler to hit the market place. Currently, well over 10,000 units have been manufactured. 

    PTR’s 3400HD Vertical Downstroke Baler is our most popular high density baler for a variety of reasons. It’s an ideal size and design for markets including retail chain stores, drug stores, department stores supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, malls and more. With this model, you’ll produce and ideal 1,000 to 1,300 lb. bale of corrugated material, reducing the cost of storage space, handling, and transportation.

    Safely and quickly recycle materials such as:

    • Cardboard waste, cardboard boxes, packaging, displays
    • Aluminum siding
    • Plastic P.E.T. Bottles
    • Aluminum cans
    • Dry commercial, industrial and retail waste

    3400HD bale specs below:

    Industries like the aforementioned know how critical it is to keep floorspace clear of discarded materials, in order to get maximum use of their space. It’s also a key factor in helping your organization implement sustainability policies and reach it’s sustainability goals. Your company will reduce it’s overall waste and decrease it’s carbon footprint, having a hugely positive impact on your immediate environment, your employee’s well being, and the planet. To learn more about about the environmental effects, click here.

    With the 3400HD and many other PTR Baler units, you’ll have the option to add on features like the following and more.

    • Biometric Locking Device BIOLOC 3000
    • Quiet Pump Power Unit
    • Automatic Bale Sizer with Full Bale Light
    • Outdoor Controls
    • Automatic Ejection System
    • Wire Tie Guides
    • Color Options

    Plus, you’ll receive 24/7 Emergency Service and our best-in-class PTR warranty. Our technicians are electrical, mechanical and hydraulic experts, so your equipment will always be in the great hands. You’ll also have access to our extensive parts inventory. Check out our separate parts site here. 

    PTR Baler & Compactor is proud to offer products manufactured in the U.S.A. and fully U.L. approved. Contact us to learn more about the 3400HD baler or one of our many other models today.