Product Spotlight: TRAM PAK Series Stationary Compactors

  • Product Spotlight: TRAM PAK Series Stationary Compactors

    PTR Tram Pak (TP) Series Stationary Compactors are expertly engineered with strength, durability and safety in mind. Each unit is constructed from structural steel and is built for years of dependable service you can count on.

    We train and employ the most skilled & experienced technicians. All critical welds are done by Certified AWS Category 1 and 2 Craftsmen. With 92,000 PSI tensile strength, PTR’s weld are actually even stronger than steel. Tram Pak stationary compactors allow maximum operating pressures and cylinder pressure to ensure PAK-TITE containers. Each unit is fully tested before leaving our facility. They meet all ANSI specifications.

    This equipment provides significant waste removal savings. Typically, waste removal is charged by the ton as well as a pick-up and tipping fee. By compressing your waste you can cut down on the number of pick-up and tipping fees associated with waste removal while cutting the environmental effects of transporting the waste to and from the land-fill. By combining environmental sustainability with cost savings, you can meet your carbon reduction initiatives and save money in the process.

    The TP Series is a reliable, durable compaction system that allows waste generators to reduce their removal costs. Each unit provides the following Cost Saving Benefits:

    • Save ample indoor space
    • Less labor in breaking down boxes
    • Prevents pilferage
    • Discourages scavengers
    • Reduces collection costs
    • Reduces insect concerns
    • Reduces rodent concerns
    • Prevents windblown trash
    • Reduces fire hazards

    Models are equipped with the following standard features:

    Standard Features

    • PTR’s best in class warranty
    • 100% UL and ETL approved
    • Full container light
    • 3 phase tri-voltage motor
    • Push button controls on 13′ remote
    • Ratchets with grab claws
    • Option of standard color paint

    Consider adding the following options to improve the functionality of your stationary compactor even more:

    Compactor Options

    • PTR BioLoc for added security and Safety
    • Side and rear chutes available
    • Doghouse or total enclosure
    • Odor control Sonazaire®
    • One Plus® fullness monitoring system
    • Oil Heater

    The Tram Pak Series has total UL approval, like all other PTR waste equipment, including vertical balers and self-contained compactors. Many different models are available. Without a doubt, there’s one to suit the needs of any type or size organization. PTR manufacture a full array of stationary compactors from our smallest apartment compactor the TP-33 to the TP-5000 (5 cu yd) we will be able to meet your requirements. PTR’s ‘Mini Max Series’ offers full 2 or 3 cu yd feed openings in a smaller footprint, making it just right for apartment complexes or smaller facilities.

    The Tram Pak Series Stationary Compactors are equipped with a low maintenance power unit. They utilize powerful, high torque motors, soft shift control values and are constructed to withstand harsh environments while providing years of uninterrupted service.

    Download our stationary compactor brochure by clicking here.

    What you and your employees will love about these is the easy and convenient operation. Tram Pak Compactors offer ‘user friendly’ controls that are housed inside a NEMA 4 enclosure and connected to the power pack with 13 ft of seal-tite. They also feature an innovative one piece charge box. These models are designed to work efficiently for both walk-on and security chute applications.

    Tram Pak Series Stationary Compactors are professionally designed and engineered stationary compactors for long-lasting performance and durability. PTR Baler and Compactor Company provides 24 hour factory service and parts. Visit our parts website here. Sale, lease and rental options are available. Contact us today to learn more or to ask about our Heavy Duty Models.