PTR Baler & Compactor is a Proud Sponsor of the EREF Fall Classic

  • PTR Baler & Compactor is a Proud Sponsor of the EREF Fall Classic

    The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) is hosting the 2021 EREF Fall Classic & Networking event on November 17 – 18 in Phoenix, Arizona. Sponsoring the event was an easy decision. For over 25 years, EREF has been active in funding research grants and scholarships for graduate students in the solid waste field. Supporting EREF is supporting a greener and cleaner planet.

    EREF was a trailblazer in research of the waste industry. Started in 1994 and then formally renamed in 1998, their mission is to create and study new ways to deal with solid waste. Their mission anlso includes putting forth scientific research and developing educational routes that promote innovation concerning sustainable waste management.

    The Fall Classic & Networking Event brings professionals from the waste and sustainability fields together. PTR is proud to be one of the 30 sponsors this year. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn and make connections, it is for a good cause. All proceeds from the tournament will go towards EREF’s charitable mission to put forth research and make inroads on education that will help innovation in the field. Plus its a great excuse to play some golf!

    If you’re not familiar with EREF their website has a wealth of information; and you can make a donation too! Check out research grants, projects, their education program and their scholarship program. One of which is the Robert J. Riethmiller/PTR Baler & Compactor Scholarship! We’re proud to offer this scholarship. Robert Riethmiller, now retired from PTR, served on the EREF Board as the Chairman of the Scholarship committee. Scholarships are so important – and they can make a huge difference in one’s eduction and trajectory of their career.

    Also on the EREF website has a wealth of information on waste data and reports. This includes specific studies on a wide array of topics and is a great resource.

    You’ll also find a full listing of events, webinars and summits! The Fall Classic and Networking Event is just one of many interesting and informative events going on throughout the year. We look forward to continuing to support EREF and their mission.