PTR Baler & Compactor Manufactures Equipment for Your Waste and Recycling Goals

  • PTR Baler & Compactor Manufactures Equipment for Your Waste and Recycling Goals

    PTR Baler & Compactor has a vast selection of Vertical Balers, Compactors and more. All are made in America and live up to our high standards. Over the decades we have constantly improved our machinery

    Vertical Balers
    We manufactures ten standard models of vertical balers ranging in size from 24″ to 72″. Our balers can be used in the baling of cardboard, plastic P.E.T. bottles, aluminum cans and siding. Our baler models can accommodate bales from 100 to 1800 pounds. Our balers can handle your toughest requirements with routine efficiency at a low maintenance cost for many, many years.We are recognized as the best source of high-quality products manufactured for safety and long life. PTR represents years of developmental design, testing, and quality control.

    The Smart Baler
    PTR’s Smart Baler features some of the most innovative technology in the industry. It will undoubtedly increase speed, accuracy, efficiency and safety at your location. The user-friendly touchscreen panel is light years ahead of the usual knobs and switches. If you can use an iphone you can use our Smart Baler interface. Keyless operation is another popular feature, as is the optional fingerprint reader. The tripe safety switch makes for smooth operating and you can get precise weights and accurate data readings. This is a game changer!

    Self Contained Compactors
    The PTR Pak-Tite (PTR) line of waste compactors is the solution to your wet-waste requirements. The PTR Pak-Tite units are ideal for business who process wet waste. The innovative construction makes for an easy to operate machine that leaves no waste behind. We prides ourselves on quality, performance and durability. Each unit is water tested and factory inspected to insure many years of dependable use.

    Stationary Compactors
    These compactors are best suited for your dry waste needs. Every TP stationary compactor model is built to beat ANSI specifications while meeting the safety requirements of your back office workers. This heavy duty machines are built to last.

    Custom Solutions
    Have a challenging space to work in? Tight space in your warehouse? PTR can develop a custom solution for your compactor to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Contact us today to get started.

    Cart Dumpers
    We offer several waste lifting solutions that will help you save time and money while reducing the potential for work related back injuries. Our full line of cart dumpers, also known as commercial lifters, are easy to install and very economical. They are designed for industrial waste lifting applications such as retail chains, distribution centers, property management companies, government institutions, and educational facilities.

    PTR Rebuilt
    Looking for an economical solution to your recycling needs? Check out PTR Rebuilt! Each certified machine must pass our 52-point inspection process and is reconditioned to ‘like-new’ quality. Each unit is painted and has all safety stickers reapplied. Covered by a full 90 day parts and labor warranty, you can have peace of mind that your equipment is

    PTR certified pre-owned balers and compactors are hand-picked. Each unit must be less than 15 years old and free of any structural defects. Once the pre-owned unit has passed our pre-inspection process they are reconditioned in our manufacturing facility by our AWS certified welders.Thoroughly Reconditioned

    Units selected to become PTR certified Pre-owned are then thoroughly reconditioned. All wear parts are replaced, hydraulic oil drained and re-filled, moving parts greased, all surfaces cleaned and freshly painted before applying new safety stickers. Old parts are replaced with OEM certified parts during our reconditioning process.

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