PTR Baler & Compactor – Serving a Wide Array of Markets and Businesses

  • PTR Baler & Compactor – Serving a Wide Array of Markets and Businesses



    Over the decades PTR has developed Vertical Balers, Stationary Compactors and Self-Contained Compactors for nearly every market. We understand the unique needs and challenges of each market – we’ve learned from experience working with business across the country. In this blog post we’ll go over why we’re such a good fit for retailers.

    PTR has retail experience that counts. By virtue of working with some of the countries top retailers we have the solutions needed to keep operations running smoothly and offer custom solutions. Whether is maximizing use of critically important floor space, replacing exisiting outdated equipment to helping chains meet their sustainability goals – PTR has a solution. Our staff is fully training in coordinating new store openings and outfitting them with what they need to emergency service and repairs.

    We have options to handle wet waste, dry waste and recyclable waste. Our self contained compactors are designed to prevent leakage of fluids. Our Quiet Pump reduces noise significantly. And of course all our equipment is built with safety in mind. Our Smart Baler is loaded with features that you’ll love – from keyless operation with a fingerprint reader to automatically sending data to smart sheets. We’re always focused on innovation.

    When it comes to service, we have service techs in all fifty states. This means we provide 24/7 emergency support. Its also easy to schedule routine maintenance for your baler or compactor. No matter where you retail location, service and repair techs can be there to get the job done.

    We also have a laser focus on safety. The retail environment typically has many people on the job and various people operating equipment. All of our equipment meets OSHA and NOISH recommendations. Our UL approved products are vigorously tested to insure safe reliable operation. And we go above and beyond when it comes to safety – for our example the triple safety lock on our Smart Baler is a game changer for safety.

    Dependable Quality is the the ongoing theme with all of our Balers and Compactors. We have refined our machines over the years. For example, our 324HD, 360HD and 420HD are all designed for use in areas with tight space requirements. This allows for maximum use of floor space.

    One of our most popular models is the 3400HD. Its high density and can produce 1,000 to 1,300 lb bales of corrugated material. Its a great choice for supermarkets, chain stores, department stores and drug stores.

    We also have a rebuilt program. f you’re on a tight budget or just starting out – PTR’s certified Pre-owned equipment is an economical solution to your recycling needs. Each certified machine must pass our 52-point inspection process and is reconditioned to ‘like-new’ quality. Each unit is painted and has all safety stickers reapplied. Covered by a full 90 day parts and labor warranty, you can have peace of mind that your equipment is built to last. This is a great way to get started, knowing you have a reliable piece of equipment

    And when it comes to parts for your baler or compactor, PTR has you covered. We have our own parts department that is focused on staying fully stocked. We have a separate site just for ordering parts online. We carry everything our retail clients need to keep operations running smoothly – from safety stickers and protective gear to baling wire. Log on to our parts website today to make your wishlist and stay tuned for our 2023 Parts Catalog.

    We’re proud to work with many of the top retailers across the country.


    Photos courtesy of Lisette Siple and Viking Logistics